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Structured Cable for AZ Enterprise

Your structured cabling is the “digital backbone” of your communications, security, and A/V systems.  One of the most critical components is your ethernet cabling.  As twisted pair and fiber cables are updated and standardized, expanded bandwidth speeds and noise cancelation capabilities get better and better.

Are you relocating / expanding your business, or upgrading your tech infrastructure? AVCOMM designs, builds, and maintains structured cabling systems all over Arizona with reliable, certified master-technicians you can count on.

Structured Cabling Types


Fiber Optic

Which Structured Cabling Is Best For You?


Gigabit speeds at an affordable price. Flexible enough for both residential and commercial applications. Multi-family units, and light commercial spaces.


Great future expansion possibilities. Performance of 10 Gbps over short runs makes it perfect for light commercial applications.


Offers pair-sharing capabilities (several devices on the same line). For data centers and larger enterprises. Best future-proofing.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics offer the best performance and future proofing for your enterprise, but comes at a steeper price. If you need the fastest, most reliable transmission of data, fiber optics offers it in spades.

Why Choose ACVOMM?

AVCOMM provides expert structured cabling system design, high quality materials, and  installation practices that are flexible, affordable, and future-proof.   When you need a reliable, professional team to handled your structured cabling needs, look no further than AVCOMM Technology Services.  We’re your low voltage contractor of choice, all over Arizona.



Our highly-skilled design staff work with owners and architects to ensure the highest functionality of your data system.



The best technology, that is affordable, and grows with your organization.



Your system’s peak performance is our highest priority.  Day or night, we’re just a phone call away.

Design, Implementation, Service.

We’ve got you covered, every step of the way.  

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