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Cobbled-Together System Slowing You Down?

Poor cabling causes constant issues – signal degradation, maintenance nightmares, and costly downtime. Using substandard materials and improper installation methods leads to frequent failures and expensive future upgrades. Proper structured cabling prevents these costly headaches.

At AVCOMM, we understand that proper cable management is critical. All cabling runs are neatly bundled and secured using best practices. Cable pathways blend seamlessly into the environment for a clean, professional finish.  When you work with AVCOMM, you’ll get professional and reliable cabling and infrastructure that lasts.

Wall of Cables

Phoenix Structured Cabling To Meet & Exceed Your Needs


Offices and corporate buildings, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels and hospitality venues.


Schools and university campuses, healthcare facilities, and government buildings


Theaters and performance venues, sports arenas, stadiums, museums, and visitor centers.

Cutting Edge Tech

We ensure our cabling infrastructure utilizes the latest approved standards and technologies:

Our cabling solutions leverage the newest Category cable types like Cat8 and multimode/singlemode fiber optic cables to support higher bandwidth and transmission distances. Key advantages include:

  • Fiber optic cables exceeding 10Gbps
  • Shielded cabling for noise immunity
  • Advanced terminations like MDX for future-proof connections
  • Innovative cable jacket compounds and designs

Fiber Cabling

Fiber optic cabling is extensively used throughout our audio visual installations. We recognize fiber's superiority for high-bandwidth, long distance applications and incorporate it constantly as the backbone infrastructure. From telecommunications rooms to projector runs, fiber provides the throughput and reliability modern AV systems require.

Fast & Affordable Fiber Optics for Business

Your structured cabling is the “digital backbone” of your communications, security, and A/V systems.  With the price and speed advantages of fiber optic cables these days, it makes sense to get your system future-proofed and ready to expand, should you need it.

Are you relocating / expanding your business, or upgrading your tech infrastructure? AVCOMM designs, builds, and maintains structured cabling systems all over Arizona with reliable, certified designers and master-technicians you can count on.

Why Choose AVCOMM Technology Solutions?

AVCOMM Technology Solutions provides expert structured cabling system design, high quality materials, and  installation practices that are flexible, affordable, and future-proof.   When you need a reliable, professional team to handled your structured cabling needs, look no further than AVCOMM Technology Services.  We’re your low voltage contractor of choice, all over Arizona.



Our highly-skilled design staff work with owners and architects to ensure the highest functionality of your data system.



The best technology, that is affordable, and grows with your organization.



Your system’s peak performance is our highest priority.  Day or night, we’re just a phone call away.

Design, Implementation, Service.

We’ve got you covered, every step of the way.  

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