Structured Cabling

Fiber optic, twisted pair, and coaxial.  Data and communication structures that adapt to your future.

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Fiber Optic

The backbone for reliable, high speed transmission,

Twisted Pair

The delivery cable for the end user.


The preferred cable for streaming video systems.

Fiber-Optic Cabling

Fiber optics have long been held as the wave of the future. Times have changed, and the future is now.  If you’re still running your network with twisted pair only, it’s possible that the equipment’s bandwidth isn’t operating at full capacity.  We can analyze your system, and provide feedback to take advantage of existing equipment that may be under-utilized.  There is not always a need to rebuild your entire network, when a proper delivery system is all you need.

Twisted-Pair Cabling

Twisted pair cabling has made many advances over the years, from CAT5 to CAT6 with PoE (power-over-Ethernet), that provide many benefits to the end user.  Upgraded twisted pair cabling can provide your campus with better energy efficiency, longer data transmission lines, and greater rejection of all types of inference.
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Coaxial Cabling

Coaxial cabling is ubiquitous, and used for many different data and streaming tasks.  This is the defacto standard for almost all video streaming, as well as digital audio and television signals.  

Is your coaxial cabling battered and bruised from many years of hard use?  Get your signal back!