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AVCOMM is a Phoenix audio visual contractor specializing in beautifully integrated systems that are affordable, expansive, and feature the latest in cutting-edge audio video technology.

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Restaurants, Coffee Houses, & Bars

We specialize in discreet audio visual installations for restaurants, bars, cafes and other dining/hospitality establishments. Strategically placed displays, speakers and control systems allow sharing promotional content and entertainment to enhance the ambiance. All equipment is neatly integrated for a clean, professional look that blends seamlessly into the decor.

Theatres, Churches, & Music Venues

We elevate performances with cutting-edge audio/visual systems for theatres, churches, and music venues. Immersive surround sound, ultra-HD video projection, and seamless lighting/acoustics integration create an incredible multimedia experience. User-friendly controls allow easy operation behind a clean, professionally installed infrastructure. Our tailored AV packages transform stages into captivating spectacles.

School classroom

Educational Institutions

Our classroom AV solutions create an engaging, tech-enabled learning environment. Bright displays, quality audio, wireless screen sharing and simple control interfaces allow instructors to seamlessly incorporate digital materials. Integrated cameras enable hybrid learning capabilities. All equipment is installed cleanly and securely to reduce distractions and facilitate an optimal instructional experience.

Audio Systems

Your audio system allows you to provide music and paging services throughout your campus, and provides ease of use, and rapid communication.

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Video Systems

We can provide your whole campus with a vast selection of programming from one 18″ satellite dish, for one competitive, low cost.  Need to stream in-house content to anywhere on your campus with ease and reliability?  We can do that.

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