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Structured Cabling

Take the uncertainty out of structured cabling!  From large scale new builds to simple rewires, our certified technicians provide professional service with the follow up support you need and deserve.

Audio / Video Systems

Audio and Video systems are an integral part of all businesses. Complex meeting rooms and large-scale auditoriums pose unique situations that require unique solutions. Our experience and

expertise allows for peace of mind knowing that your requirements are at the forefront of our designs.

System Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance is a must for any system. Don’t allow your data racks to become a jumbled nest of unmarked cables and unidentified equipment. Are you happy with your current system, but need a face lift? We can take an existing system and give it a professional polishing that takes the guess work out of equipment wiring, and maintain that level of care throughout the life of the system.


Our technology solutions were developed with the needs of campus style integration in mind. From the end users, to management staff and security, to long term maintenance and updates, these considerations make our commercial grade smart home the ideal solution for campus applications.

What our clients say

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Carey Altgilbers--Royal Oaks IT

Carey Altgilbers

Royal Oaks IT Director
“It has been a great experience working with AVCOMM on the smart home design and installation at Royal Oaks Lifecare Community. Kevin did a great job listening to our vision and taking it to the next level. His thoughtfulness during the design process ensured that no matter what challenges our residents have, whether that be hearing, sight, or motor functions that they would be able to easily use the system. Through his technical expertise he was also able to control a multitude of disparate devices through one pane of glass. On top of all this, his design is stunning!”


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Wayne Esposito--Westminster Village IT

Wayne Esposito

Plant Operations Manager, Westminster Village

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